translated from Spanish: Attention to smoking-related diseases cost 80 billion pesos in Mexico

Mexico.- Currently in Mexico only 14 states have a solid regulation in terms of free one hundred percent free of tobacco smoke in public spaces, said Benjamín González Rubio, Communication Manager for Mexico of Vital Strategies and collaborator of Mexico Sin Humo, so they seek regulations that help protect the population that is still exposed to this type of smoke. González Rubio said it is important to emphasize on World No Tobacco Day, that in Mexico 60,000 people die a year from smoking and related causes, of those 10 percent are passive smokers and 30 percent of passive smokers are minors. 
He said the cost to Mexico’s public health system for the care of smoking-related diseases amounted to 80 billion pesos per year, plus resources with which the defunct Popular Insurance operated annually. 

The tactics of new smoking companies
The specialist said that while the promotion of tobacco-related products in mass media is prohibited in Mexico, strategies have been found to circumvent this regulation.  Benjamin Gonzalez said tobacco industry companies seek to replace the millions of people who die annually with young people and use tactics such as the use of influencers who promote their products. 

They seek to raise awareness about tobacco use.

He commented that the influencer takes a photo or a video and shares it on his social networks and tells his followers «with this product I am happy». They’re not out-of-the-box therapies.
In several countries like the UK, new products such as vapers and heated tobacco are being taken as outlet therapies for smoking, it really becomes a gateway. «Many times people end up being dual smokers, that is, they consume new and traditional products and this makes them smoke more and become more harmful,» Gonzalez said. He added that there are no serious independent scientific studies to consider these products as an outlet therapy for smoking. #SinTabacoChallenge
González Rubio called on non-smokers and to quines have left this habit to join this challenge sharing on their social networks a photograph alluding to their exercise routine with the hashtag #SinTabacoChallenge to raise awareness about the importance of maintaining good health away from tobacco smoke.   You may be interested: World No Tobacco Day; what substances a cigarette has and what health damagesbeasures are immediately noticed in the healthWorld Tobacco Day: more than one billion smokers in the world We recommend our new site where you will find topics of hypertension, diabetes, depression and obesity.  

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