translated from Spanish: Ezequiel Garay exploded: his statement alleging that he was discredited

Ezequiel Garay, an Argentine footballer who wore the shirt of the national team in Brazil 2014, released a video in which he denounces the managers of Valencia of Spain, his club, for discrediting him and announced that he will not renew the contract that ends on June 30.
In recent days, the news circulated that the Argentine defender rejected a 2.7 million euro contract, which Garay defided and on the verge of tears, argued: «I am very sorry to get to this point, but I find myself obliged to do so, given the smear campaign that is being done against me. The easy thing would have been for my lawyers to make a statement and I published it, but I think in life you have to go head-to-head, and that’s why I’ve decided to stand up.»
They imply that I am the one who does not want to stay in this club, something that is totally false

After explaining several times that his desire was to continue at the institution, he revealed that the first offer he received in July was less than what they had spoken about; in November Jorge López, sporting director, consulted him if he wants to follow and answered in the affirmative; in December they verbally agreed on a new contract; on January 7 Anil Murthy, the president, changed the terms of the offer; on 1 February he conveyed the intention to renew but the offer never came and from the club they never communicated with him again. The fans banked his decision through social media expressing his discontent with Murthy, who as president does what he wants by having fans and workers under a «dictatorship» and that Valencia is a «circus».

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