translated from Spanish: Maite Lanata and Rafael Ferro premiere “La Corazonada”: “We are a power in Argentina for Netflix”

The late night fell over the North. A team of police, led by one of the most stubborn and professional officers of the Force and accompanied by an inexperienced but shrewd agent, above inside one of the most affluent homes in the neighborhood of Buenos Aires. Inside, a death. A crime. The corpse of a twenty-four-year-old bloodstained on the bed. The prime suspect is her best friend. This is the story that journalist Florence Etcheves wrote in La Virgen en su ojos (2012) the first novel with which she conceived the character of Manuela “Pipa” Pelari – played by Luisana Lopitalo – and which first came to the cinema in 2018 as “Lost”, adaptation of Cornelia, third copy of the series.Netflix not only added “Lost” to its content but gained the rights of its predecessor to premiere this Thursday, May 28, “La Corazonada”, starring the Argentine actress residing in Vancouver (Canada) and Joaquín Furriel (in the character of Francisco Juánez). And it’s none other than the first national film made for the streaming giant.

Alejandro Montiel is again in charge of directing the adaptation of the novel by Eteches, who did not remain on the sidelines but together with Mili Roque Pitt took charge of the script and told the story in two hours.” La Corazonada” adds to the Argentine content produced for the platform such as the recent series “Casi Feliz”, written and starring the announcer and comedian Sebastián Wainracih; “Apache” -biopic about the childhood of footballer Carlos Tevez-; “Door Seven”, “Go! Live your way,” “There’s no time for shame” and “Fangio: the man who tamed machines.” The cast is completed with Maite Lanata, Rafael Ferro, Delfina Chaves, Juan Gil Navarro, Abel Ayala, Sebastián Mogordoy, and Marita Ballesteros characters who will move in a plot with multiple sublayers, since it is not just one the conflict to develop.

Rafael Ferro and Luisana Lopilato in “La Corazonada” Photo: Camila Miyazono Credit

A crime to solve, the ice look of a shocked best friend, a prosecutor willing to close the case, the opposition of social classes, a rising rookie policeman, a professional officer hiding a secret, and the pain of a family over the murder of a son will be some of the red lines going through the plot, as we see in the poster of the film.

“I’m happy to release the first Argentine film for Netflix. I think the platform is good, it’s innovative in terms of playing movies and series, and I think it’s potentially growing here in Argentina. We have the case of ‘Almost Happy’, ‘Apache’ – the Tevez series. I hope it keeps growing. We are a powerhouse in Argentina for Netflix. Vamos Netflix”, celebrates Maite Lanata in dialogue with Filo.News.La actress comes to premiere the third season of “El Marginal” on the platform and a year of work in Pol-ka’s novel “Argentina: Land of Love and Revenge” (ATAV). Far from typecasting in a style, he savors new genres and glides between the thriller (“The Bronze Garden” for HBO), the drama and the daily strip, for which he earned the affection of many with the story of his trans character Juan (in “100 days to fall in love”).” We are a power and also the spectacular thing is that they see you everywhere. It opens up the possibility that they will know us culturally, artistically, as actors”, highlights Rafael Ferro while humorously dictating the number of his cell phone: “0115… no,” he jokes. The actor returns to streaming after his character Jesús Rocha in “Casi Feliz” and at the time, premieres the fiction “Los Internacionales” for Telefé and Flow.

Rafael Ferro in “La Corazonada” Photo: Camila Miyazono Credit

It is almost impossible to ignore the current context in which the film is released. The pandemic deepened the crisis of the audiovisual sector but in turn debuts new contents to accompany the confinement of those who remain in compliance with the mandatory isolation in their homes.

In the case of Maite Lanata, one of the projects I craved most of the year was interrupted: to make a new version of Weddings of Blood – the classic of Federico Lorca – to the San Martín theater. “When I finish quarantine, the first thing I want to do is hug my family and meet friends. Back to work, I had pending projects. I was going to do ‘Blood Weddings’, and on top of that being national will be the last to open. And do different projects that aren’t emerging,” he wants.” I spend a week with three of my kids and the other alone. I’m starting to suffer a little more for them,” says Rafa Ferro. “One is 17, the other 12 and is starting to pthat the theme of not seeing friends, not being able to go out, go to training or their parties (in the case of the largest)”, he says, lamenting the distance of the major, Lorenzo “Toto” Ferro (“The Angel”) who lives alone. “But I’m pretty good to be here in the cave so I miss not so much, my kids, but I see them,” he adds. Details of working together
Maite and Rafa share one of the film’s most intimate scenes: interrogation. Prosecutor and defendant measure each other. Who’s telling the truth and who’s lying? What about the loose ends of Gloriana Marquez’s crime? It is the first time that the actors have shared the filming set together, although the actress came from having worked with Toto Ferro on the third season of “El Marginal”. What was it like working with the actor’s father now? What references did Raphael have about Maite?” A shit,” the actress laughs, jokes, as Ferro takes control of the answer: “I wanted to quickly find out if there was nothing there, if they went too far. I don’t like being touched by the baby.” “But Maite is a beast as an actress, I know that for Toto it was barbaric. For him it was all very fast, it just started. It was a pleasure for both of us, for me and Toto,” he says. 

Maite Lanata and Delfina Chaves in “La Corazonada” Photo: Camila Miyazono Credit

“I loved it,” Maite admits. “Above we had one of the rather intimate scenes: the two in an interrogation and the tension that was being generated. I loved sizing on him,” he says. The future of the characters was a whole construction, which also started from the previous references they had of the story. “We knew it was based on Florence Etcheves’ novel, which was a policewoman and is somehow related to ‘Lost’, because there’s Luisana’s Pipa character,” Ferro says, and values the bonus of tackling the thriller. “These are things that at least so far you have no chance to do, I think they will start to do more. It was really good to get into that genre,” he says. In Maite’s case, the gaze of her character was a key issue and, in turn, the ambiguity it generates. “As a script base, I spoke mainly with Mili Roque Pitt, with which we started modifying my character to make it much more dual. Mainly, I was attracted to the basis of the script and the story, and what I was going to bring: there was a lot of intrigue, it was not only one thing you had to deduce but there were several things to deduce, it surprises you as you watch the movie”, highlights the actress who saw “Lost”. “It seemed to me that it was good to dig into what had happened a little earlier, and how Pipa became a cop,” he says. Let him follow a hunch.”
The phrase with which Furriel in Juánez’s shoes closes the trailer, which pierces the film as a common thread. Are the actors of having hunches and being guided by them?” I do and generally pifio,” says Ferro. “I try to keep believing in my intuition but lately it’s failing me a lot, I don’t know if it’s age or what. I’ve always moved by intuition,” he says.

Joaquin Furriel and Luisana Lopilato in “The Hunch” Photo: Camila Miyazono Credit

Unlike the actor, his partner stops more on every issue. “I’m much more of a logic, to think about it a lot,” he admits. Produced by FAM Contents, Corinthian and Cindy Teperman SRL, the film will follow the hunch of its filmmakers to be located within one of the most viewed content on the platform. The first step is: it is the one that will give the succession of films that will follow for the national industry in the streaming giant. Maite Lanata and Rafael Ferro premiere “La Corazonada”, directed by Alejandro Montiel, starring Luisana Lopilato and Joaquín Furriel. Based on the novel The Virgin in Your Eyes of Florence Etcheves. Available on Netflix to accompany coVID-19 quarantine.
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