translated from Spanish: Mayor Alessandri calls for pre-trial detention of detainees for clandestine party in Santiago

The mayor of Santiago, Felipe Alessandri, asked this Sunday for pre-trial detention for organizers and participants of a clandestine party held in the center of the commune. That celebration ended with 19 people arrested, including a DJ and the owner of the apartment’s property.» With more than 10 weeks of quarantine in Santiago, more than 1,000 people who have died nationally, more than 60 people killed at the communal level, continuing the reels is frankly unacceptable, and as a society we have to repudiate this selfishness of some,» said Mayor Alessandri.The communal chief also confirmed that three of those arrested are repeat offenders in the violation of health standards , in the midst of the pandemic.» While many make efforts, they stay in the house, they make tremendous sacrifice in pursuit of quarantine and to leave the coronavirus, that a minority group still persists, of young people in this case, some of them repeat offenders, because they had already been caught violating quarantine, deserve the repudiation of society and, of course, a firm punishment of justice,» he explained. Finally, the municipal representative requested «pre-trial detention and then criminal proceedings to continue and not only have to carry out a community work, but also a fine in money», for those who participated in the event.

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