translated from Spanish: Santiago Arau pays tribute to women fighting covid

Mexico City.- Prominent Mexican photographer Santiago Arau used his camera to pay homage to some of the medical staff working in the COVID area of the Specialty Hospital of the Siglo XXI National Medical Center. Arau posted on Twitter photos showing 24 women after the end of their working day. In them, one can perceive the marks left by the masks and protective masks on the tired and friendly faces of the health professionals
 «They are just a few women who work in the public health sector who daily have a risk of contagion to save the lives of others. Thank you all very much,» he said on Twitter

Part of the women’s health staff at the end of their shift after a working day in the COVID area of the Specialty Hospital of the National Medical Center Siglo XXI.—Santiago Arau (@Santiago_Arau)
May 30, 2020

«Mural to the Heroes of Health»
This is not the first time that Santiago Arau recognizes, with his work, the hard work of Mexican health personnel. In mid-May, he joined forces with Grupo CIE and Cocolab to project 100 images on the facade of the CDMX Medical Center. According to a statement from the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS), the screening called «Mural to the Heroes of Health» was composed of images and messages that were posted on social networks by the public. You may be interested:Assess IMSS to 16 thousand 626 companies that will reopenReviran to AMLO: no pandemic tamed or saturation in hospitalsMore than 15 thousand companies return to work on June 1: Zoé Robledo

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