translated from Spanish: Tips for taking your pet to the vet during the pandemic

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In the contingency by the Covid 19 it is recommended not to leave the house more than the indispensable, however, pets, dogs and cats are not without diseases.

«Before rushing to the veterinary clinic or office, you must first call the doctor to see what is going on to find out if the pet needs to come and be treated,» said Adolfo Adrian Polo Jeréz, Technical Coordinator of the Animal Unit of Company of MSD Animal Health in Mexico. 

He recommended that only one person take the pet as a way to follow health and safety protocols.
Here are some of the recommendations:

Before going to the veterinarian, contact him by phone or online. The specialist will determine if it is a case of emergency or if you can wait
Visiting the veterinarian only for urgent procedures and after you’ve called him
Only an adult without the virus should accompany the pet
When you arrive at the veterinary clinic, wait outside and follow the staff’s instructions
Disinfect hands when entering and leaving the veterinary clinic
Maintain social estrangement practices, i.e. not hugging, kissing or wave salute and keeping at least a metre away between people
Try not to touch anything in the waiting room and during the consultation

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