translated from Spanish: U.S. no press saved: policeman shot at DW TV crew in Minneapolis

Reporter Stefan Simons, who was covering the night between Saturday and Sunday for Deutsche Welle’s protests in Minneapolis over the death of George Floyd, was preparing to broadcast when he was shot in the back. «Stefan, they’re shooting at you, » shouted his partner, Max Foerg, camera operator. «We’re press!»
Stefan, who confirms with «absolute» certainty that the shot was made by the police behind him, insisted, «We are from the press, stop shooting at us, we are in the middle of a live broadcast!» «Berlin, are you there?» he asked the fellow control buddies at DW’s Berlin power plant, who were recording everything. Other television networks have reported similar assaults.
In a second incident with police, Simons and Foerg were threatened with arrest. «Stay there, put the camera down!» was ordered by a police officer. «Why? Why?» asked Simons. The agent told him that he was going to use his defense spray against him, to which Simons replied that he was only doing his job. «And this is a Senate press accreditation,» he added.
«We’re not doing anything,» he continued, though the cop then told him he was going to be arrested. And if he didn’t, get in the van and leave. «Where do you want us to go?… well, thank you official,» is the last recorded of the conversation.

Video via Twitter @dwnews

Original source in Spanish

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