translated from Spanish: WHO’s World Tobacco Day warns of health damage from tobacco use

New York.-Nearly eight million people die annually from tobacco use warns the World Health Organization, on 31 May the day of World Day without Tabaco.La WHO says that many of the consumers started using this product, seduced by the advertising campaigns and market strategies of tobacco companies , which WHO says spend $900 million on marketing each year to engage new consumers, mostly young people. Even during the pandemic, tobacco companies continue to promote their products, in commemoration of the date, the Pan American Health Organization urges young people in America to recognize and denounce strategies and resist the deceptive tactics of producers.

«This creates an opportunity to replace the eight million people who die in the world each year from tobacco-related causes. It’s a matter of profitability at the expense of the people, an indefensible choice,» PAHO’s deputy director Jarbas Barbosa emphasized.

Nearly 40 million adolescents aged 13 to 15 worldwide are starting to use tobacco at their own invitation and initiative, WHO notes that advertisements are displayed on many audiovisual platforms and normalize tobacco use among young people, even though they cause respiratory, cardiovascular and cancer diseases, WHO notes. The deputy director of the regional body urged the entire population to educate themselves and help achieve tobacco-free generation.
 «Each of us has a key role to play,» Barbosa said, adding that all sectors can help stop tobacco companies’ market tactics for children and young people.

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