translated from Spanish: A cure from Villa 31 tested positive for coronavirus and had to be isolated

The priest Guillermo «Willy» Torre, member of the parish Cristo Obrero in Villa 31, tested positive for coronavirus and had to be isolated in a hotel in the center of Buenos Aires; this was indicated by the Team of Priests of Villas and Popular Neighborhoods of the City and Greater Buenos Aires, through a statement shared by Télam.

They explain, «The general state of Torre is good» because «it has no fever»: «When some wonder where the villeros priests are in times of pandemic, we say they are sharing the lives of their neighbors in the good and the bad,» they say. In this sense, in the letter they emphasized that the city of Buenos Aires and Greater Buenos Aires (AMBA) constitute one of the areas that registers the greatest amount of contagion and infected; According to the last newspaper of the health care owner, Carla Vizzotti, 96% of the new contagions occurred in that area.» There we are accompanying our neighbors, sharing life and trying to preserve their health and ensure daily livelihoods; we do this from our canteens and picnic areas, schools transformed into nursing homes, gymnasiums and parishes that house families who need to leave overcrowded,» they continued.
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