translated from Spanish: Fernán Quirós: «The curve has had a period of great ascent in the last 15 days»

Accompanied by the Undersecretary of Health Planning and Network Management, Daniel Ferrante; Primary Care Undersecretary Gabriel Battistella; Chief Executive Officer of Operational Planning, Paula Zingoni; and the director of THE SAME, Alberto Crescenti, Fernán Quirós provided a new report on the situation of the city of Buenos Aires against the coronavirus. Confirming a total of 8504 cases in residents and 196 deaths (2.3% lethality), the official referred to the increase in infected people in recent days. «The evolution of the curve has had a period of great ascent in the last 15 days, these last few days is a little more stable but in a fairly clear trend in sight,» he set out to point out. 

Fernando Quirós with Rodríguez Larreta

In this regard, it stated that «of the vulnerable neighborhoods of the city to this day we have 3963 confirmed cases of which 1557 have already been cured and discharged, 36 have unfortunately died and that makes a fatality rate for this community group of 0.83%». As far as the Detect plan and the swabing in the vulnerable neighborhoods of the city of Buenos a regard, the results to date on confirmed cases are: 
Ward 31: 1489 
Ward 1-11-14: 711
Ward 21-24: 264 
Ward 15: 34 
Ward 20: 67 

In turn, on the end of his exposure and before answering questions, he emphasized that since the beginning of quarantine has decreased blood donation by 50%: «We ask you, we need the collaboration of society in order to maintain the blood banks», said Quirós. Ultimately he commented on yesterday’s meeting with national and provincial authorities: «We did what we have been doing systematically in this period one week after the decision of the President and the governors which is to agree in the full conviction that this pandemic requires integrated and coordinated public policies.» «We have an evolutionary curve, which was growing very quickly 10 days ago but in the last 4 or 5 days the cases are relatively more stable. We need to see the trend of the curve in the days that remain and that would be very important to solve if we hold the situation as it is,» he said. 
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