translated from Spanish: Matías Dituro: «We need at least six weeks of preparation»

Matías Dituro, archer of Catholic University, referred to what will be the return to the activity, which is expected by the end of July or the beginning of August, noting that «we need at least six weeks of preparation». Chilean football has been halted since mid-March due to the coronavirus pandemic. At the time of the activity, the cross cast led the 2020 National Championship.Que queried what will be the return to practice, former Sports goalkeeper Antofagasta and Bolívar de La Paz told the CDF that «we have been working for when we have to return to training to do it in the best way, but to compete we need at least six weeks of preparation , maybe eight, but at least six.» I think by August I’ll be ready to play. Now I’m running more intense, and from the other I’ll probably have more goalkeeper-specific mobility jobs. That’s why I hope to train normal,» added the two-time national football champion’s goalkeeper. Remember that the 33-year-old Native Bigand underwent an operation on the right knee on April 22, presenting some discomfort and pain for some time. Faced with the option of being able to defend the ‘Red’ in the future, Dituro stated that «it is nice that you are named as a possibility in the Chilean national team, but being realistic is very difficult. I can’t project two more years from now, which is what I lack for nationalization, but it’s something I don’t plan on in the short or long term.»

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