translated from Spanish: ANFP Return Commission: «The intention is to re-compete on July 31»

Physician Fernando Yáñez, a member of the ANFP Return Commission, revealed the measures to be considered before the coronavirus pandemic, a disease that already has 1,188 deaths in the country, and revealed that the idea of the authorities is to compete again on 31 July. The doctor told El Mercurio that «we coordinate with more than 50 health professionals a series of protocols for the return to training and competition. All this forces us to raise dates, those that will be tentative, proposition of intentions, depending on the health conditions. In that context we would find it very desirable and it is our intention to try to compete again on 31 July, the first weekend of August. From there to the back there will be enough time for everyone to retrain, with all the protocols.» We want to go back, but not putting ourselves above anyone. Football is integration,» he added. In addition, Yáñez noted that «there may be regions where the authority indicates that they return to training earlier. We don’t think it’s wrong if the conditions so permit. We aspire to have a minimum deadline for the last one who integrates to train to recover the physical form in the best way and thus we reduce the pathologies». In other measures to be taken, the ‘Red’ physician also stated that «we are developing educational videos for players to have before returning to practice. The protocol is complete, we have taken examples from all over the world and we will surely perfect it. We will propose that the local teams do not concentrate, but the visitor must travel, so there will be selected hotels in each city, with all protocols: the players will not pass through reception, the keys will be delivered on the bus».» Maybe they will arrive in two buses to maintain social estrangement, the elevators will have special signage, the rooms will be in secluded floors, the food delivered in a special way. Transport will be monitored to minimise risks. The same with the stadiums: we have proposed three safety rings: the court, the circulation spaces and places of isolation in the face of a potential case,» he added. Finally, Fernando Yáñez said that «it is proposed that the clothes be sealed in the basket for each player and that the headlines be dressed in one room and the substitutes, in another. There will be temperature controls before competing, test to detect asymptomatics, knowing that you will become without a public perhaps until you get a vaccine.» Remember that this Monday, June 1, Huachipato became the first national team to return to face-to-face training by applying high prevention measures.

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