translated from Spanish: Floods and evacuations by Storm Cristobal; 5 states on alert

Tropical Storm Cristobal is slowly advancing south of the country, where there are already concerns in at least five states with flooding, overflow of streams and evacuations.
According to the authorities of the National Coordination of Civil Protection, Campeche, Tabasco, Yucatan, Quintana Roo and Chiapas are the priority entities for the impacts of the cyclone.
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In Campeche, where Cristobal made landfall this June 3, the stream la Caleta, from Ciudad del Carmen, was overflowing, affecting at least 10 colonies:
Also in Ciudad del Carmen there were floods in the benito Juárez colony, caused by heavy rains, so the Navy, Army, National Guard and municipal authorities evacuated and moved affected population.

Mission #ECO ? 📍 #Campeche
⚠️ #AlMomento
Our ECO mission runs in the municipality of #CiudadDelCarmen, and reports flooding in the Benito Juárez colony, caused by heavy rains left by the #TormentaTropical #Cristobal.
— ProtectionCivilSecurity (@CNPC_MX) June 3, 2020

In Campeche, 12 temporary shelters were also enabled, both in Ciudad del Carmen (2) and in Hopelchen (3); Calakmul (2); Campeche (4), and Escárcega (1).
According to the report of the National Meteorological System, the center of storm Cristobal is located on land over the state of Campeche, approximately 35 kilometers south of Ciudad del Carmen.
«Its weakening is expected to be gradual and move northward, tending to rise again into the waters of the Gulf of Mexico on the coast of Campeche. It produces torrential rains to extraordinary punctuals in the southeast of the country and the Yucatan Peninsula,» predicted federal authorities.
According to the governor, Adam Augusto López, Cristobal left affectations in various communities of the municipalities of Tenosique, E. Zapata, Jonuta and Balancán, reaching in the latter, to enter the houses.
«In the municipality of the Center, enclosures are reported in villahermosa colonies due to deficiencies in the drainage system, in some cases in irregular settlement areas,» the representative reported.
The rest of the affectations, he said, have been minor, as they were falling trees and stagnation from the rains, however, residents of the colony El Bosque, municipality of Centla were evacuated to a temporary shelter.

🔊In Calle Aquiles Serdán in the José Narciso Rovirosa colony, reports of falling trees on vehicles were served.
He also went to remove palm that fell in front of the Quinta Grijalva.
In both emergencies, no injured people are reported.
— Civil Protection Tab (@ProcivilTabasco) June 3, 2020

«The development of tropical storm «Cristobal» is planned in the afternoon off the coast of Tabasco, which would increase the possibility of heavy rains in much of the state,» state Civil Protection authorities announced on Wednesday.
Currently, Tabasco is, together with Mexico City, the entity with the highest burden of COVID-19 disease, so in the municipality of Centla medical consultations, guidance on the functioning of the shelter and preventive measures for the epidemic are also provided.
Yucatan reported flooding due to heavy rains caused by Cristobal, although still without serious damage, as the storm is still 277 kilometers from the entity.
However, state civil protection authorities warned that the type of alert is «Yellow» for western and southern Yucatan for heavy rains, while in much of the state remains on «Green» alert; and «Blue» in the east of the state.

We toured together with the #Sedena, #GuardiaNacional, @sspyuc and local authorities the stations of Pocoboch, San Diego, Santa Cruz Cutzá and Becanchen of the municipality of #Tekax (1/2)
— Yucatan Civil Protection (@procivy) June 3, 2020

Authorities also enabled a temporary shelter at the Conrado Menéndez school in the municipality of Tecoh, where the affected families will be in shelter until the water level of their homes drops.
In Quintana Roo authorities reported that from the kilometer of the bridge 192+600 of the Escarcega-Chetumal road between Nicolas Bravo and Caobas, the level of the current was increased by the runoffs.

((Notice)): The Federal Police reports that the kilometer of the bridge 192+600 of the Escarcega-Chetumal road between Nicolas Bravo and Caobas, increased the level of the current by the runoffs.
— [email protected] (@ProtCivil_QRoo) June 3, 2020

While in Chiapas a slip has been served in the Hichiton Chamula community, a landslide in the federal road stretch 195 Teapa-Escopetazo near the community «Las Limas».

Bochil #ProtecciónCivil elements perform petreo material removal actions in the federal 195 teapa-Shotgun stretch near the «Las Limas» community, this stemming from the #Lluvias presented in #Chiapas by Tropical Storm #Cristóbal.
— Civil Protection Chiapas (@pcivilchiapas) June 3, 2020

They also evacuated villagers who were in palapas and shops on the banks of the Piedra Cuachi River.
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