translated from Spanish: pre-copers ahead of the showdown with Guadalajara protesters (Video)

Guadalajara, Mexico.- Before the confrontation of elements of police and young protesters who marched to the government palace of Guadalajara, to demand justice for Giovanni’s murder, a clip was evidence of what the local police elements were thinking at the time.
A video shared on social media you can see the tenure of the officers inside the government palace and before facing the young protesters, and a couple of them are heard saying, «We’re going to kill them.»

«We’re going to kill them, » those are the words of the @EnriqueAlfaroR police in front of a crowd of people asking for #JusticiaParaGiovanni
— Alejandro Puerto (@ea_puerto) June 5, 2020

In another video shared on twitter it is seen as a group of cops managed to stop one of the movement’s participants and start hitting him in ball.

Guadalajara municipal police beat young people outside Palacio de Gobierno.
I was recording, but a cop snatched my cell phone, #JusticeForGiovanni-Justice ForGiovani
— Oscar Pinto (@OscarPinto_) June 4, 2020

In another video shared on twitter you can see as an officer pulls a young woman’s hair.

The Gorillas of Jalisco
Alfaro trains your cops @EnriqueAlfaroR Government Palace
— Enrique Duarte (@kikesma) June 5, 2020

Original source in Spanish

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