translated from Spanish: Prosecutor to question mayor of Ixtlahuacán over Giovanni’s death

Guadalajara, Jalisco.- The municipal president of Ixltahuacán de los Membrillos, Eduardo Cervantes Aguilar, has today been cited by the Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office to testify of the death of Giovanni López, young man who on May 4 was arrested for not using coverts, as declared by his relatives. Gerardo Octavio Solís Gómez, holder of the Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office also stated that according to the information provided by the city council authorities, the 30-year-old was not arrested for the lack of use of head coverings, but because he was aggressive with the elements of public security, at the time of his arrest it was detected that he was under the effects of any substance.

The press conference offered this morning by the khalied state security authorities also provided in some details on Giovanni’s arrest and deaths. The Strategic General Security Coordination, Macedonio Salomón Támez Guajardo, spoke about the alleged reasons for the arrest and signs of violence that the young man had in his body.

This is how Giovanni López, a 30-year-old bricklayer, was taken away by the municipal policemen of Ixtlahuacán in Jalisco for not carrying cover covers. They beat him to death. the State of Terror and Persecution installed by Governor @EnriqueAlfaroR—Jorge Armando Rocha (@rochaperiodista)
June 3, 2020

THE DETENTION: «»I want to point out that according to the town hall’s own reports, this boy, Giovanni, was not arrested because of the lack of use of cover covers as has also been pointed out. For this I will allow myself to read a text issued by the Municipal Authority itself that says that: 

He was arrested for administrative misconduct, because he is aggressive with the safety elements under the effects of some substance and therefore entered at 22:17 hours on 4 May 2020»

THE AGRESIONS: «There were no gun damage, they were all for blunt objects, oese by blows»

For his part, Solís Gómez also revealed details of the technical data sheet that filled the agents of the Municipal Police of Ixtlahuacán de los Quinces and the information issued by the City Council around this death. 
«This young man was admitted to the cells of the municipal prison, where he stayed overnight. He was later removed from these cells to be taken to the health care area, dying along the way» 

The Prosecutor said that derived from the fact that all the facts were registered security facilities of the municipality of Ixltahuacán de los Membrillos and by employees of that town hall, it is on them that will fall the process of investigation, which they say began from last May.» It is important to point out that all the events happened in the municipal sphere, without the intervention of any state authority, under the responsibility exclusively of municipal officials, who at this time, and from the day of the facts are being investigated by the Public Prosecutor’s Office». 

As part of the investigation, Solís Gómez revealed that the various investigating authorities include the Commissioner of the Municipal Police and the municipal president himself, Eduardo Cervantes Aguilar, this last morning must testify about this death and other facts for which the municipality of Ixtlahuacán de los Membrillos has previously been pointed out.
«Deribado of a series of comments part of the mayor, he has found it quoted in such a way that he himself, today, has been placed to appear tomorrow before the facilities of the Prosecutor’s Office in order to testify in relation to the facts… He is also quoted next Monday to declare in various folders, not related to these facts, but related to facts attributable to the city council».

The Prosecutor concluded, here we share with you the press conference that last night also was offered by the state authorities around Giovanni’s death:

Press conference of the State Prosecutor and the Security Coordinator in Jalisco on the events recorded in Ixtlahuacán de los Membrillos.— Public Prosecutor’s Office of the State of Jalisco (@FiscaliaJal)
June 4, 2020

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