translated from Spanish: Sifup: «The campus flexed a lot of points ordered by Black and White»

The president of the Professional Footballers Union (Sifup), Gamadiel García, stated after the breakdown of negotiations between the colo Colo and Blanco y Negro (ByN) campus, reaching an agreement only depends on the concessionaire. In conversation with Radio Cooperativa, García noted that «today the process is in the hands of the Labour Directorate (DT), and they must monitor and analyze the information we give it.» Time is not up to us, and the campus knows it, so we are waiting, beyond, that there may be some approach that does not involve DT. That depends on the will of the institution (ByN) and players will see if the offer is within a framework for the negotiation to be reactivated,» he added. The former footballer also detailed that «Colo Colo wanted to make a 50 percent discount until December and players refused, because the return was not entirely, as it was 25 percent.» In the same vein, he stated that «the campus flexed a lot of points ordered by Black and White, also in the percentages agreed to negotiate and not stay in the 100 and it was the concessionaire that did not move, and that is why the table is closed». Garcia stated that «there was no more time and it seems to us to be a measure of delay that allowed them to save themselves April and May, months that are in question from our complaint.» Colo Colo players must continue to collect Cesantía Insurance, as ByN took over the Employment Protection Act, while the Labour Directorate reviews the complaint against the concessionaire.

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