translated from Spanish: The historic Tournaments building in the San Telmo neighborhood was flooded

After 16 hours and through social networks, employees of Tournaments and Competitions were surprised by the entry of a large amount of water from a problem with an AySA pipe in the corner of Balcarce and Venezuela streets, which caused an entire floor of the producer to be affected.
The historic building of what is known as the mother house of the private transmission of the national sport, was forced to suspend all live filming and productions recorded by the serious problems that can be caused by electricity.
With different videos, employees showed how water was advancing rapidly in computer offices, with nothing to prevent it from entering, so they tried to save some equipment while work began.
The most striking publication has to do with the ground floor, which can be filmed from all floors, where it looked like water covered the main staircase and also as the doors were open by the pressure of the water that kept coming in. As for AySA’s activity, the valve was closed to prevent the pipe from continuing to lose water and pressure was reduced throughout the San Telmo area to try to speed up drainage. As collateral damage, several buildings in the neighborhood suffer from water service problems.

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