translated from Spanish: Home remedies for hair loss

Hair loss is often common in many people but constant fall can alarm even the most serene woman. Hair falls out for various reasons such as stress and anxiety, especially in women.

To avoid hair loss there are many high-cost products and sometimes you can’t buy them so we leave these natural remedies for you to apply to your hair.

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Vinegar with apple
Apple cider vinegar helps new hair grow and prevents future falls by containing sulfur. Throw it as one last rinse and don’t remove it. It will also eliminate the bacteria that cause the loss is perfect.

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Cucumber and lettuce shake
This shake has multiple benefits for the body and accelerates the hair growth process and prevents hair loss.

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Almond oil
Apply it to your hair and it will strengthen and leave it shiny. You can mix several drops of almond oil and castor oil into your scalp, leave for 20 minutes and remove with fresh water.

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Coconut milk
Coconut is ideal for dry and weak hair, you can apply a coconut oil mask or rinse it with milk. You wait an hour and remove with warm water.

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