translated from Spanish: It’s never too late to rectify

The pick-up of coronavirus left Ahome in a compromised position: it was placed in the fourth largest contagion place in the municipalities of the entity and in the second in incidence of deaths. It is to take the numbers seriously, since active cases of the Covid-19 reached the unpleasant figure of 125, while the cumulative death reached 96 only below Culiacán which has 357 people killed by the virus. Most regrettablely, the scenario for the coming months is for forecasts reserved behind the federal and state administration’s series of pyphias in the treatment of coronavirus. The origin of the upsurge in the problem also has its focus on citizen behaviour. It hasn’t been the best, but it’s stimulated by failed government decisions. The gamble was to reopen the economy, but because of the way it was made it created more conflict than finding the sidewalk to reach the new normal in better condition. Without order, the result was predictable: instead of restarting economic activities as soon as possible, there is a risk that this will not be the case because of the explosion of contagion and death. However, it is not too late to rebuild the road.

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