translated from Spanish: New conviction against Miguel Krassnoff and two other former DINA agents for classified hijacking of MAPU militant in 1974

The minister with exclusive dedication in human rights causes of the Court of San Miguel, Marianela Cifuentes sentenced to 10 years major in prison in its minimum the former agents of the DINA, Miguel Krassnoff, César Manríquez and Ciro Torré, as perpetrators of the crime of classified kidnapping of Sergio Hernán Lagos Hidalgo, former militant of the Movement of Popular Action Unitaria , MAPU, committed from 14 September 1974.
On a civil side, the court ordered the tax to pay compensation, for moral damage, to the widow and son of the victim.
Sergio Hernán Lagos Hidalgo, was 30 years old at the time of his arrest, which occurred at his home in Calle Angel Guarelllo, in the commune of San Miguel. According to the research carried out by The Judge Cifuentes, it was possible to establish “That, on September 14, 1974, agents of the “Hawk” group of the Directorate of National Intelligence (DINA) arrested, without right, Sergio Hernán Lagos Hidalgo, militant of the Movement of Unity Action (MAPU), linked to the Movement of the Revolutionary Left (MIR).
They add that “on that date, the Directorate of National Intelligence (DINA) was led by Army Colonel Juan Manuel Guillermo Contreras Sepúlveda, currently deceased. That, on the other hand, the “Hawk” group of the National Intelligence Directorate (DINA) was under the command of Army Lieutenant Miguel Krassnoff Martchenko and depended on the Caupolicán Operational Brigade, commanded by Army Major Marcelo Luis Manuel Moren Brito, currently deceased.
“That, initially, Sergio Lagos Hidalgo was kept locked, without right, in the clandestine detention center of the Directorate of National Intelligence called “José Domingo Cañas”, located at Calle José Domingo Cañas No. 1.367 of the commune of Uñoa, which was in charge of the Lieutenant of Carabineros Ciro Ernesto Torré Sáez.
“That, days later, Lagos Hidalgo was transferred to the underground detention center of the Directorate of National Intelligence called “Four Alamos”, located at 3,000 Canada Street in the commune of San Joaquin, which was in charge of Gendarmerie officer Orlando Manzo Durán, now deceased, where he was also kept locked up without right. That, subsequently, Sergio Lagos Hidalgo was transferred, together with other prisoners, among them, Luis Durán Rivas and Miguel Angles Chateau, to the underground detention center “Villa Grimaldi”, located at Avenida José Arrieta No. 8.200 of the commune of Peñalolén, who was in charge of the Major of Army César Manríquez Bravo, having since been unknown his whereabouts”.
The complainant’s lawyer, Nelson Caucoto, welcomed the ruling, highlighting the work of Minister Cifuentes, since, in her view, she “made progress in such a way that she managed to establish those responsible for the classified abduction of Lagos Hidalgo, applying them to effective prison sentences, making it clear that there was clearly a policy of extermination developed in Chile by the DINA”.
With this new sentence Miguel Krassnoff Martchenko, former brigadier of the Army and head of the Hawk group, accumulates nearly 700 years in prison for crimes of torture, kidnapping and murder, linked to various causes of human rights violations. His first effective sentence began to be served in 2005.

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