translated from Spanish: Vice-aesthetic: “I don’t think music ever represented as much of the time as it does now”

Gabriel Julio Fernández Capello, better known as Vicentico, was co-founder and vocalist of Los Fabulosos Cadillacs and in 2002 began his solo career. He is this week’s guest of Caja Negra and from his home spoke to Julio Leiva in an intimate interview about his music, idols, the trap and his family. For Vicentico art “serves to recognize us, to feel that when you watch or listen to a movie, a painting, a song, there is a point at which you feel identified and defragment you, it puts you in box with what you are. If you are sensitive, you can see things all the time, the world speaks to you and makes you one with yourself.” There is a part that goes outside the artistic, which is the learning of a trade, in a way of doing things, that settles and they are like layers”, reflected the artist and raised his way of seeing things: “You never stop learning, it happens to me every time I sing or give a recital. The more office you have, the easier you have to communicate. What evolves is the trade, learning to play and sing better, getting prejudices.” 

Julio Leiva in a new virtual edition of Caja Negra with Vicentico.

From home because of social isolation by the coronavirus pandemic, Vicentico referred to the passage of time: “One can involution. When we were more assholes we had a way of saying things in a more clumsy way that is also cute, and I don’t know what’s better. You get more obsessive over time with what you mean and it’s also inevitable to think about time because it’s there. But the more you can get rid of the idea that time doesn’t exist too much, the better.” Artists are sometimes typecast in certain roles or stereotypes and on this he opined Vicentico in dialogue with Julio Leiva: “I don’t have much concern because I never fulfilled roles that were not given to me and if they were given to me, I did not accept them. All I did was because I wanted to do it and I always argued a lot about these things. With the theme of rockstar, there’s a lot of fool turning around, there are people who think, but there they are. I’ve used every possible pose to annoy, to make you uncomfortable and to make the other feel like you’re a moron. I’ve always been interested in this, and I still like him. It’s okay to fight with the idea of the idol. The question I’m asking myself is why wouldn’t any of your idols be a jert. How do we never think about what we humans build with regard to the idol?” he reflected in Caja Negra.VIDEOWhat makes it wrong: “I am very distressed by the recalcitrant right, the lack of empathy, the non-understanding, this makes me nervous, but in an internal way. I think it’s best to work with one and be better. Total hypocrisy and clumsy thinking too. On the most progre side sometimes we are also wrong and very short in what we think and we do not go to the bottom. This is also distressing.” I without Flavius (Cianciarulo) would not be the same. He’s very stubborn, without me I think he’d still be what he is. I think I’d be what I am, but we’d have had a hard time moving forward. We always move on to each other. He was very important to me in many ways, from learning to frying, understanding, singing his songs, interpreting it. Without it, it wouldn’t have been the same,” he said of the musician who was also part of the creation of The Fabulous Cadillacs.A Vicentico loves the trap and categorizes it as “attractive and super urgent”: “He has everything he has to have a skinny guy who makes music, that’s rock. That urgency of Duki, Ysy A, all of them. That urgency, rush, hysteria and madness,” and remarked, “I think what’s interesting about it now is that music never represented as much of a time as it is now. Now it’s super clear, it looks, you have it there and if you want to hear the last, I open it and I look at it. It’s interesting, but the only thing I’m worried about is that they can be used well, that they can use this well. They’re all smart.” The musician is married to actress Valeria Bertuccelli and together they had Florián (25- is currently part of Los Fabulosos Cadillacs) and Vicente (13). “With Valeria there is eternal love, sharing, thinking, passing life, raising children. Living by helping each other, there is everything but looking at our notes,” he joked that he considers it a total toxicity to see oneself talking.”

Vicentico reviewed his career and uncovered his deepest feelings in Caja Negra.

About the end of the interview, he revealed a hinged moment in his life: “Almost every hinged moment in my life has to do with me being slingshoted down and I noticed,” but he recalled a particular one at a bowling alley in Mar del Plata when I was 16/17. “I really like to dance and dance like unbridled and I wore hoops and at that time it was a ‘fuck’. I ate a horned shit, orand I went to my grandparents’ house and thought something I must have. And I used it and it served me a lot.” Another of the memories he told in the intimate interview for was in Rio Negro: “They threw a stone at me and opened my head. A quilombo. I realized I was doing something else. I felt like I was overseating something and I tried to control my energy, it clearly opened my head.” Each week new episodes of Caja Negra will be published, in which different figures will submit to the questions of the journalist Julio Leiva. And you, do you encourage yourself to remember what moment you clicked in your life?
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