translated from Spanish: Why is Engineering Day in Argentina celebrated on June 6?

A day like today, but from 1870, luis Huergo graduated, considered the first civil engineer in the country. In honor of him, every 6 june, Argentine Engineering Day is celebrated. To graduate he presented a thesis on the communication pathways. This day is commemorated the first litter of engineers graduated from the University of Buenos Aires. In that first promotion in which Huergo was accompanied by 11 other graduates.

Luis Huergo, born in November 1837, led many engineering projects in the country. He had the honorary direction of the first oil field discovered in the country, in Comodoro Rivadavia.He was also co-founder and president of the Argentine Geographical Institute, the Argentine Center of Engineers and the Argentine Scientific Society. In turn, he also participated in politics as a provincial deputy and senator. He was also Minister of Public Works of the Province of Buenos Aires.The engineer died in Buenos Aires on November 4, 1913. In our country, some tributes stand out to his person and his activity as a professional: an industrial school bears his name, as well as one of the busiest avenues of trucks and vehicles that bring and take away goods from the port of Buenos Aires.

Luis Augusto Huergo

The celebration of Argentine Engineering Day should not be confused with Engineer’s Day, which is celebrated on June 16.

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