translated from Spanish: After double correction Government established in 2,190 those who died by Covid-19 in the country

During this day the Minister of Health, Jaime Mañalich, announced a methodological change that would significantly change the total death toll in the country by Covid-19.In his speech during the daily report of the national situation with the pandemic indicated that «We are introducing a methodological change in the way we count or inform the people who have died and that presumably their death could be linked to a Covid infection». He added that «after a work that has been extended for three weeks, we have not been left with the platform of EPIVIGILA, the computer platform where every doctor, product of mandatory notification of diseases introduces the data, but we have gone further and reviewed all the databases of the deceased certified in the Civil Registry and we have also managed to consolidate a single database all laboratories that in Chile , are more than 80, which form PCR tests whether positive, dubious or negative.» Finally, the Secretary of State stated that «This leads us to the need to recognize according to the definitions made by the Pan American and World Health Organization in both March and 23 April, to allocate as possible cases of death associated with Covid-19 cases an additional number of 653 deaths,» he said. The summary eventually crystallized in a meager total of 2,290 deaths, but hours later on the official minsal website the figure that was edited was 2,190, 100 fewer cases than projected. According to the Emol medium, according to the ministry, this difference is due to the fact that in the 653 cases added today would already include the 96 deceased mentioned in the first part of the report delivered by Mañalich. The difference of 4 cases would be as part of the marginal factor that is handled internally in statistics.

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