translated from Spanish: Barbara de Regil criticized in networks for using the word ‘prieta’ (Video)

Mexico.- The actress Barbara de Regil, reprised criticism in Twitter by a video where she showed her displeasure at the possibility of being brunette.
In the clip, barely a few seconds long, Barbara could be seen while enlisting for one of her cardio classes, which broadcasts several days a week from her home, while preparing the camera, Barbara was choosing a filter.
However, one of the filters suddenly changed the skin tone to a darker one, giving the appearance that Barbara was Brunette.
Then the actress made an ungrateful face and said: «Oh what a prieta, no, how ugly!»

-Barbara de Regil: We do not discriminate against anyone….
-Barbara de Regil being… Barbara de Regil…
— Fifth Street ☯ (@LaQuintaCalleMx) June 6, 2020

In that sense on twitter, users spilled a wave of memes taunting for the disgust the actress gave them.

Barbara de Regil very Black Live Matters but with filter looks «very tight»:
— Israel Zamacona (@Israel30ZH) June 7, 2020

I understand why Barbara de Regil doesn’t like us…
— Luisito Rey (@LUISlTOREY) June 7, 2020

Seeing Barbara de Regil’s pence trends:
— Cornholio (@HaterCornholio) June 7, 2020

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