translated from Spanish: Deputy Espinoza in the case of Piñera and Latam: “Conflicts of interest of the President and his family have no ethical limits”

On Tuesday, the newspaper El Mostrador revealed that just two weeks before the airline Latam took over the “Chapter 11” of the U.S. Bankruptcy Act, the Cueto brothers rushed to pay a large debt that years earlier had been incurred by one of its major aeronautical companies with Limited Odyssey Investments, the company of the children of the President of the Republic Sebastián Piñera.
The news has caused a stir on social media and in the political world. In that line, the Deputy of the Socialist Party (PS), Fidel Espinoza, was adamant to point out that “unfortunately the conflicts of interest of the President and his family have no ethical limits”.
In the opinion of the parliamentarian, “it is clear that here there was a maneuver by the laminating controllers and the Piñera family, knowing that the company was going to demand an economic ransom from the Chilean state.”
“Clearly here an attempt was made to prevent President Piñera from appearing. But most shamefully, the largest airline Chile and possibly South America is seeking a rescue from the Chilean state, with money from all the compatriots thus replenishing what returned the Piñera Morel,” Espinoza said.
On this point, Mr PS added that “there is now legitimate doubts as to whether or not the state should save this private enterprise. Let’s not forget that the company even called for the solidarity of the workers by lowering the salary, some even in half.”
“President Piñera must again give the country an explanation for conflict of interest. It is regrettable that during the two periods that Sebastián Piñera has been in government, not a single year has passed without discovering any conflict of interest,” concluded Fidel Espinoza.

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