translated from Spanish: An officer involved in George Floyd’s death is out of prison

Mexico City.- Thomas Lane, one of four policemen fired from the Minneapolis department for being involved in the murder of George Floyd, paid his bail in cash and was released from jail on Wednesday. Lane, 37, was set a $750,000 bail.

The former officer – who left Hennepin County Prison this afternoon – was singled out along with Derek Chauvin, J. Alexander Kueng and Tous Thao for taking part in Floyd’s death on Monday, May 25. Because of this, the removal of a fundraising website on Lane’s behalf was ordered. The portal requested money, through PayPal donations, to guarantee the freedom of the agent.
In addition, the introduction to the page noted that Lane “did everything possible to save Floyd’s life” and that the amount of bail was too high.

Earl Gray, Lane’s lawyer, confirmed that the site was legitimate, but indicated that he did not know who was behind his creation or how many funds had been raised on behalf of his client. You might be interested in: 
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