translated from Spanish: Cristian Traverso: “Island has years in Europe and would contribute in Boca Juniors”

Cristian Traverso, former defender of the University of Chile and Boca Juniors, approved the possibility that the national team Mauricio Isla will reach the ‘xeneize’ group by stating that he has been playing at a high level for years and that it would be a contribution. Boca Vice President Juan Román Riquelme has ‘Huaso’ as a priority to reinforce the ‘blue and gold’ squad for the next challenges. Isla has expressed a desire to play for the Club of La Ribera and could come in a short time by being recently separated from the Turkish Fenerbahce squad. Asked for the possibility that the native of Buin arrives in Boca, Traverso declared to El Mercurio that “Island has years in Europe, always at a good level, and of course that would contribute. There are things to analyze, though. The economic situation is different from Europe.” Here in Argentina, there is uncertainty. They say that football returns in 60 days, but if you hire and do not start the tournament, what happens?” added the champion with the Blues in 1995.In addition, the last central indicated that “Island would arrive at a club where day to day is ‘Deportivo Win’. Moreover, Boca has players in that position: Julio Buffarini, Leonardo Jara.” Finally, the former Argentinian Juniors, Querétaro and Puebla spoke, at the possibility that Isla also plays in the ‘U’, that “both fans forgive a bad pass, a tactical, strategic and even technical error, but not the lack of delivery. Isla could use either team.”

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