translated from Spanish: [VIDEO] “Dancing for a Dream”: Yamila Reyna quietly retires from set after a strong cross with Felipe Ríos

Comedian Yamila Reyna performed yesterday on the show “Dancing for a Dream”, where she had a strong cross of words with one of the BAR members, Felipe Ríos, who dropped a point after her performance. The actor told the participant that “I didn’t do very well in this montage (…) there’s an energy of yours, a rictus of face, that I’ve seen in all the montages and in this one I didn’t fit at all, I think the head of the body was dissociated.” But far from being silent, Reyna stated that “I feel that you do not like me at all, Philip, because whenever she has touched me with you, you lower me a point, without exception”. To which Rios pointed out that “calm, let me finish, don’t be so intense. The energy is in the body and that makes me a little uncomfortable, I found that the montage was unattractive and this time I under them under a point.” It’s nothing new. I don’t think it’s personal, it’s a matter of taste. I think it’s like the Karen Connolly she didn’t like because I’m a big, thicker, roughest mine (…) I’ve done my career as a comedian with this intensity. I accept it, but I don’t share it,” the comedian lashed out. The BAR member claimed that “but has no dancer’s career. You have nothing to share, but finally, Reyna withdrew in silence.

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