translated from Spanish: Berni approached a road cut in Ricchieri and negotiated with neighbors

The Minister of Security, Sergio Berni, personally interceded in a road cut of residents of Villa Madero, who claimed for the greater presence of police personnel in the neighborhood, since in recent days the cases of insecurity increased. The measure of strength was given at the height of the Ricchieri motorway and General Paz, after last Wednesday a fumigator was shot while carrying out tasks under the coronavirus pandemic. 

The protest of the neighbors did not respect the social estrangement recommended by specialists to avoid possible contagion of COVID-19. Berni arrived at the scene on a motorbike and talked to the neighbors, from whom he heard the claims and promised them more police presence. Followed by television cameras, the minister got into the neighborhood and the neighbors showed him where they would like the new security guarantee to be.

“We are preparing a proximity police force that is trained to act in situations of social and police stress and is already working in the most conflicted places”—Sergio Berni (@SergioBerniArg)
June 11, 2020

“Everyone wants security: it’s logical, it’s understandable. I know the area well, because I worked a lot as a doctor. This is the reality of the Province of Buenos Aires: if we want to change it, we have to commit, to be here, to be responsible, methodological,” Berni said in statements to the press.

There the minister also mentioned to the Police “approach” on which his portfolio works. They are from the Tactical Immediate Operations Unit (UTOI) and, he said, “they are trained to act in situations of social and police stress. They work untimely in the fight against drug trafficking, they have social responsibility, they act from a comprehensive approach.”

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