translated from Spanish: Brutality of the capitalist system – The opinion of Héctor Marín Rebollo

It’s not just the police. And we’re not going to exculpate the killers. They are the class instrument. Pull the trigger or they kill with their knees in their throats, but behind them is the socioeconomic system that is the bourgeois, capitalist and criminal order.
The truth is, obviously, that the assassination of George Floyd is the tip of the iceberg: the rotten is the capitalist system.
In America, even though capitalism exploits the labor force of the poor: Indians, blacks, Asians, Latinos, and also whites to quench the wallets and accounts of tycoons like Trump, the system established racial hatred against those who produce wealth and has but their workforce to sell to eat their children, their families, their offspring.
There was a need in the U.S. for a civil war to establish the capitalist system and destroy the slave regime that many sections of racist whites still worship. And not even that war, won by the Unionists, achieved supposed equality. Discrimination and hatred of human beings of another color failed to disappear because whites, Catholics and Protestants continued to despise blacks and indigenous peoples, (owners originating from the earth), land that stains the filthy soles of invaders that all, without exception, are racist, hateful and fanatical European immigrants who were then said destined by divine providence.

The abuses of the system are monumental, like having robbed Mexicans half of our territory; but there, in his society survives the hatred and cyclical crisis that accompanies the bourgeois regime.
It was that system that created the Klu Klux Klan, a caterva of racist gang members and white murderers who went to the altar to sanctify themselves and pray before burning their victims.
Before George Floyd, who was the father of a six-year-old girl, killed in a vein by a white policeman in Minneapolis, thousands of crimes, crimes, assaults, murders, break-ins, all for which white cops are exonerated, or only receive petty sentences.
The list of those killed, especially young black men, is endless.
What stands out is that the United States suffers from a rotten regime represented by its own president: the effervescence of decay, corruption, cynicism, racism, sexism, lying, aggression, brutality, and hatred against humanity.
Next November, the United States, its citizens, is facing the opportunity to choose another, more humane path and send Trump to the dump of history: his place.
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Professor of primary education, Bachelor’s degree and Teacher in Pedagogy, graduated from the Karl Liebknetch School in Potsdam, Germany. He studied law at UNAM. He studied the Master’s Degree at the Universidad Hispano-Mexicana.

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