translated from Spanish: Chef Benito Molina could be left out of MasterChef Mexico

Mexico.- The new season of the television show MasterChef Mexico was already announced both on social networks and on the production website, however, it began a strong controversy at the possibility that Benito Molina is no longer part of the program. The long-awaited return was also posted on the Instagram accounts of Chef Herrera, Betty Vázquez, chocolatier José Ramón and driver Anette Michel, but the silence maintained by the chef who owned the restaurant “Manzanilla” increased the rumors.

But it is not the first time Molina has been involved in the controversy of a posaible outing, during the previous edition he was marked more than once of being the next judge to leave his place, even, it was rumored that the chocolatier José Ramón Castillo entered to take his place. You may be interested:Chef Benito de MasterChef gets upset with the edition of the programAsding that the judges have stated that they are friends and have known each other for several years, the frictions have not been kept waiting. The controversial Mexican chef and entrepreneur has on several occasions shown his annoyance via social networks, sometimes about editing the program, some more directly attacking his screenmates.
It should be noted that Molina was absent during some chapters of the previous season, allegedly due to the death of a close family member. You may be interested:MasterChef Mexico announces new season

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