translated from Spanish: Light cuts, roof blasts and flooding leaves front system in the south

Heavy rains and winds have generated a series of power outages, landslides, flooding and roof blasting between the Biobío and Los Lagos regions due to the passage of a frontal system. The weather event had been announced by the National Emergency Office (ONEMI) which declared Preventive Early Warning for the area for moderate to severe rainfall for the precordillera on Thursday 11 and the morning of Friday, June 12. Meanwhile, the authorities in the area have detailed that heavy rains have been recorded and have already fallen to 50 mm, with winds between 35 and 40 km per hour, in the Biobío.So far, power outages have affected homes in the communes of Lota, San Pedro de la Paz, Chiguayante, Hualqui and Tomé, next to roof blasts in Talcahuano.Same situation has occurred during the day in La Araucanía , where there are affected sectors in Collipulli, Victoria, Ercilla, Padre Las Casas, Gorbea and Temuco.Mean, in Los Ríos there have been between 50 and 100 millimeters of fallen water, as detailed local authorities, in addition the ports of Valdivia, Panguipulli and Corral remain closed. In Osorno serious situations have been presented, registering two collapses, one in San Juan de la Costa and one in the sector of the slope Bellavista.

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