translated from Spanish: Member proposes to amend articles in order to attend and review at JUCOPO meetings

Morelia, Michoacán.- For not understanding the criteria on which the members of the Political Coordination Board of the Congress of Michoacán (JUCOPO), for decision-making as a parliamentary representative body, the deputy of the Labour Party, Baltazar Gaona García, proposed the amendment of articles 8 and 49 of the Organic Law and Procedures of the Local Congress , so that all legislators can attend and have an opinion at JUCOPO meetings.
“Many times we do not understand the criteria of that legislative body to make such or such a decision and this gives rise to endless discussions that take place in the plenary, giving the extent that some or some Members of the Political Coordination Board publicly retract the agreements made within the meetings of the JUCOPO,” the explanatory statement read yesterday during the virtual session of the Congress.

In the words of Gaona García, the agreements taken by the Board with cupulars and reason for discontent and non-conformity of the Parliamentary Groups, so it proposes that legislators have the right to attend THE meetings of the JUCOPO, can have an opinion on them and receive up-to-date information and training, but they will not have a vote.
Chapter III of the Organic Law of the Congress defines the Board as a body that promotes political understanding among Deputies, in order to reach agreements so that the plenary, is in a position to take its decisions, composed of a representative of each Parliamentary Group, responsible for communicating to its benches the determinations that were made.
On the basis of the above, if Baltazar Gaona’s proposal for an initiative was approved, it would make no sense for each parliamentary fraction to appoint a colleague as Coordinator, completely modifying the organizational structure of the Legislative Power.

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