translated from Spanish: Official and opposition parliamentarians call on government gender parity in appointments of positions in the Supreme Court

Through a letter, a large group of women from all political sectors of the country asked President Sebastián Piñera to propose the name of a woman in the constitutional procedure to appoint the new member of the Supreme Court.
In the missive, they also call on senators to approve the Executive’s proposal to advance the achievement of gender parity in the highest court of the judiciary.
«Gender parity in the highest court is not only an ethical requirement, but also a democratic one. The bodies that make the most relevant decisions for citizenship must be able to reflect their sexed and diverse nature, in order to aspire to democratic legitimacy,» they say.
Currently in the judiciary, female participation figures in the upper echelons of power are no exception. Currently the Supreme Court is composed of 7 ministers and 13 ministers (with 2 vacant positions), or 35% of women and 65% of men.
Among the signatories are the MEPs, Maya Fernández (PS), Marcela Sabat (RN), Carmen Hertz (PC), Carolina Marzán (PPD), Paulina Núñez(RN), Natalia Castillo (RD), Ximena Ossandón (RN), Camila Vallejo (PC), Karol Cariola (PS), Daniela Ci Cardini (PS), Gael Yeomans (Social Convergence), Camila Rojas (Common), Maite Orsini (RD), Erika Olivera(RN), Jenny Alvarez (PS), Marisela Santibañez (PC), Catalina Pérez (RD) and Senators Isabel Allende (PS) , and Yasna Provoste (DC), Ximena Rincón (DC), Carolina Goic (DC), Adriana Muñoz (PPD), and Carmen Gloria Aravena (Independent) respectively.
Finally, the letter was also backed by party leaders and political and social movements such as: Luz Poblete, General Secretary of Evopoli, Claudia Pascual Grau, National Gender Manager PC, Karina Delfino, Vice President of Women PS, Veronica Campino, Fundación Chile Mujeres, Jaqueline Castillo, Vice President of Women PR, Marta Molina Avila, Secretary General FREVS, Valentina Saavedra Meléndez, Vice President of Common , Marcela Sandoval, Vice President RM Democratic Revolution, Andrea Condemarin, National Vice President Progressive Party of Chile, Alejandra Cortés Vásquez, Vocera of the Gender Commission PL, Javiera Cabello, Representative Feminist Front Convergence Social.

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