translated from Spanish: The Province of Buenos Aires has occupied 43% of the intensive care beds

The director of Hospitals of the Province of Buenos Aires, Juan Riera, said that «43% of the intensive therapy beds are occupied» of the Bonaerense health system and explained that they are working to avoid the «saturation» of hospitals by referral of patients.
«A month ago we had 30% of the therapy beds occupied, today we are at 43%.»

The official detailed that these beds are occupied by patients not only infected with Covid-19 but also by those suffering from other diseases such as pneumonia. Riera explained that 5% of those infected with coronavirus require hospitalization in intensive care and warned that «conurban hospitals are expected to have 100% bed occupancy at some point.» We need to have the bypass elements and mechanisms very oiled so that hospitals and private clinics that have beds available can absorb that demand,» the provincial director added. He also felt that the goal when a health facility collapses is to «compensate with other health effectors» to avoid overflows.» With the increase in cases we have, relaxing quarantine is unintended,» analyzed Riera, who explained that «we must continue in the status we are in and extreme measures so that there is no viral cirulation while spotlights are still being detected and blocked by isolation.»

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