translated from Spanish: Home death certification: government determined greater coordination between services

The Undersecretary of Assistance Networks, Arturo Zúñiga, commented during this day on the office sent to the Ministry of Health by the National Prosecutor, Jorge Abbott, where he referred to difficulties in the certification of home deaths. In this regard, the authority assured that greater coordination with the Minsal services would be worked on. And he also stated that the responsibility for the certificates «rests with the doctors of the Covid-19 integrated health network.» They are the ones who have the responsibility when there is no presence or presumption of participation of third parties, of handing over the death certificate,» he said. In addition, he explained that «that is why I myself have instructed health services to appoint a person who is 24 hours a day and can facilitate the process and coordination with the Public Prosecutor’s Office, with the Legal Medical Service». In short, he argued that it is hoped to «give dignity in the hardest moments of life, which is when a loved one dies. And that’s why that needs to improve, and I insist I appreciate the ordinary sent by Prosecutor Abbott who clearly determines whose responsibility is when there is no third-party involvement,» he replied.

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