translated from Spanish: Raquel Argandoña starred in tense discussion in “Dancing for a Dream” after calling Jhendelyn Núñez’s dance

In a new chapter of the program “Dancing for a Dream”, lived a tense moment, after Raquel Argandoña, qualified the presentation Jhendelyn Núñez and her dancer, Yerko Aliaga. It was an Arabic dance, which had good comments from Fran García-Huidobro and Eva Gómez. However, the blonde had another opinion and qualified them with a 4. “This dance is characterized by being sensual and suggestive, but something happened to me tonight. I lacked more hip, abdomen and pelvic movement. I think you danced a lot to your partner, and at this dance the sensuality is made by the woman,” she said. After her saying, Jhendelyn’s coach Daniela Martinez stepped up in the line of criticism. “I would like to clarify that the story we wanted to tell is that Yerko encounters this enchanted cage where Jhendelyn is enclosed by a fact, and the goal was to enchant him.” But Rachel didn’t take the answer well and replied, “It annoys me that coaches always dispute us, the opinion and the note we give them. I want to tell you that every time you discuss my note, I’m going to lower a point for you,” she said. In the face of the intervention of the head coach, Brigitte Kattan, who said that “it’s our job,” Daniela also insisted that she’s not “discussing the note, and it’s the first time I’ve talked to what you say.” In front of this Raquel closed: “I don’t want to argue with you, I don’t want to be bad, it’s my note and I want to be respected.”

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