translated from Spanish: The Last Of Us 2: Waiting ends with a story full of emotions and violence

After more than three and a half years of waiting, since it was officially announced in late 2016, next Friday will be the expected release of “The Last of Us 2”, the second part of a title that coincidentally was one of the games that he fired large on PS3 and whose sequel appears when the PS4 begins its retirement.
As a preview, hoyxhoy agreed to the game, where the protagonist is an adult Ellie, who begins a journey blinded by anger and revenge. Lasting between 25 and 30 hours, “The Last Of Us II” is a linear story of rematch, but also of trauma and redemption, motivations that accompany throughout the narrative. Psychologically his characters are more complex and raise more ambiguous subjects, such as loneliness, obsession, clinging and letting go, or relentless hatred derived from unconditional love.
In the action, Ellie immerses he himself in a dark and violent world, but is more agile than the protagonist of the first game in the saga and there are included a series of actions and multiple possibilities to face him in a better way. It’s not a revolution in gameplay compared to The Last of US, but it’s improved and expanded in many respects, creating a renewed feel.
Stealth remains the basis of the game, mixed with tension and horror in the middle of the journey. Listening mode remains of great importance, and Ellie can crawl, jump at any time, slip through cracks in the walls, hide among the long grass or other abandoned structures, which have proliferated in the world she now has to face the protagonist.
Weapons are growing in their numbers and use, and Ellie’s abilities have a wide range of expanding and developing. Eliminating enemies in silence is vital, and for this there are now more tools. However, humans have improved intelligence, some of them use dogs that can sniff and follow our trail. Infected and new enemies, without the same abilities, are more lethal, or unsettling when escaping listening mode. Some no longer simply go on the attack, but temporarily escape, then try to surprise, alone or in a pack, or appear in unsuspected situations.
The mistakes of their own and the skills of the opponents unleash brutal violence that is no stranger to the world in which the story is immersed. In hand-to-hand combat, which has a different consistency, Ellie is able to dodge attacks, blows or bites, a condition that is very useful. Depending on the preparation you have, the ammo you have, or your own strategy, can run, try to escape, seek to resume vigil, or simply face the enemy.
In combat the game is raw and is technically designed to feel how the shot or attack hit the opponent accurately (or not). The blood spatter, the sound of agony, sometimes disturbing, are intensely felt in every combat. The clashes, as the action takes place, become successive, but always novel and overwhelming.
Visually The Last of Us II offers a cinematic experience in line with the story and narrative that the game carries out. Audio and music, meanwhile, generate the atmosphere and allow you to anticipate scenarios.
After it was confirmed to be available for PS5, The Last of US transforms into a saga that crosses three generations of consoles, leading the player, in this second part, to an emotional challenge, fueled by the gameplay, intensity of the story and depth of its characters, which is likely to elevate the title to one of Playstation’s most remembered experiences.

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