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Derived from the health surveillance operation to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in Apatzingán, 21 non-essential establishments were suspended for failing to comply with the measures established by the State Government for New Cohabitation.
The action was carried out by the Michoacan Health Secretariat (SSM), through the State Commission for Protection against Health Risks (Coepris), which verified a total of 228 shops, -153 essential and 75 non-essential.
Among the shops that were suspended are audio and video installation services, polarized cars and machines, among others, which, in addition to not complying with prevention measures, provide non-essential services to the population.
In addition, 456 posters were placed as a health promotion measure and 832 triptychs were distributed on the care that citizens must implement to avoid catching.
During the operation, elements of the National Guard, Michoacán and Municipal Police, as well as Civil Protection of the State and municipality participated.

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