translated from Spanish: Camila Recabarren and Dana Hermosilla told details of their relationship: «This is one of our best moments»

The former Miss Chile, Camila Recabarren, was interviewed by Jordi Castel on her program «El aperitif», where she told details of her relationship and her new life in the Elqui Valley.Jordi asked her how they met Dana Hermosilla to which Recabarren replied that «through an acquaintance, then at events, then she would go to my house, friends in common. In Santiago I live with nine other friends, so she was supposed to see a friend (laughs) and she was going to see me. (You hear Dana say something) He didn’t seem to think so.» To which her partner, appeared in the broadcast and confirmed the version of the former Miss Chile.It should be remembered that Dana Hermosilla is living with her in the North and told that «we give up our space, then that has also made us stay together for a while, because I still have my little things, my mornings». Castell stated that «there is something that I think you must have joined, correct me if I am wrong, which is to live in the Elqui Valley. Living in a rural area, outside the capital, out of so much…». In addition, Recabarren’s daughter appeared and the driver insisted on the theme «good that it is not huasa, that it is as integrated and everything, I love children as well, as easy. I wanted to ask them, don’t you think it influences the quality of life of a couple to live in a rural area with more nature?»» I still find that yes, we’re even more relaxed here. In fact, recently I uploaded a photo inspired by that, as if I felt that this is of our best moments or a stage that I will really remember as very rich, very good», closed Hermosilla.

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