translated from Spanish: Candidates start signing ballots for elections in The Stase

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- The ballots for the election of the Executive Committee 2020-2030 of the Union of Workers to the State Service (Stase) have been reprinted and the process of autograph signing of each of them began. The candidate for general secretary of the Stase of the yellow form, Juan Gabriel Chinchillas Elizalde, reported that these are 7 thousand 500 ballots that will arrive at each of the delegations of the state where the election will take place, but there is no defined date yet, as the whole process has been affected by the global pandemic derived from COVID-19 disease. 

So far only 50 percent progress has been made in the signature of each of the candidates, and it will be today when the signatures are concluded. Chinchillas Elizalde emphasized that no agreement was established at the ballot signing meeting of an tentative date to develop the election process, but that in the coming days they will be holding another meeting focused on that topic. All candidates who aspire to lead the Stase maintain digital campaigns through social networks and media, thus avoiding exposing to any of the members of the forms, as well as any of the workers added to the union. You may be interested:In the face of coroanvirus, people with COPD should extreme careSimilitudes and differences between Covid-19 and influenzaWhoevers there are in Sinaloa

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