translated from Spanish: Red traffic light ? THE DEBATE

Today several states of the country, which are at orange traffic lights, including Mexico City, will move to another stage of “the new normal”: they will begin to open the shops and reactivate production; however, Sinaloa and Ahome are still at red traffic lights and therefore reopening is postponed. There was a decrease in contagion, but it was not enough to move to the other side.    The state director of Civil Protection, Juan Francisco Vega, explains that the situation of the coronavirus pandemic is somewhat complicated because in addition, preventive measures against flooding have to be put in place, because of the start of the rainy season, the shelters are ready, but they have to be readafit to keep the healthy distance and to safely isolate people suffering from Covid-19.    As soon as the elements of Civil and Health Protection continue inspections of industries and businesses of essential activities and public transport that are operating to ensure the safety of workers, to prevent the spread of contagion, and there is no date for the reopening of other activities. It has already started to rain, albeit little, in the Sierra de El Fuerte and Badiraguato, where it was very necessary and a little in Mazatlan, but there are daily forecasts of showers and you have to prepare.  Here in Los Mochis the Director of Health, Francisco Espinoza, says that the situation is quite critical, hospitals are occupied to 84 percent of their capacity for patients with coronavirus and it is necessary that health measures be exercised to avoid more contagion and that they cannot be treated.  Tomorrow Tuesday the health authorities will have a meeting with local trade managers, to define the form of reopening, following all health protocols, but there is still no date for them to reopen shops and especially small people face more difficulties in fulfilling, because every garment that people measure has to be sanitized. “Although we understand your concern for so long without working.
In short, you have to keep staying at home. Potpourri. Good round was announced over the weekend by Senator Mario Zamora and the leader of Morena José Borunda, for the authorship of the proposal to lower VAT from 16 to 10 percent, on a temporary basis. Zamora insists that the morenistas are pure scrolling and that they have already been thrown away by this initiative, instead he will go on.   Lawsuit. Those in politics say that things were now put on “by weight the kilo to Mayor Billy Chapman, with the possibility that the State Congress will disable it at the request of the State Electoral Court. All because of the lawsuits with the syndicate procurator Evangelina Valenzuela. Pay-to-see.  Amlo. Fulfilling health indications, eating healthy, discarding junk food, exercising, practicing spirituality, not being racist and avoiding stress, are among others the recommendations made to Mexicans President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, to overcome the crisis of the pandemic. Especially be optimistic. 

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