translated from Spanish: Tom Cruise doesn’t use stunt doubles in Top Gun 2 and surprises everyone

We are already accustomed to their action characters and their weakness for making the scenes as realistic as possible, for which he hardly uses double risk. And in the second part of Top Gun, Tom Cruise follows the same thread. The producer and protagonist of the film, overcome film after film, we already saw it in different really risky scenes from which he often gets beaten, and even had a fractured ankle making a jump from one building to another in Mission Impossible. But Top Gun, it’s about planes, and Maverick, his character, is the best force pilot. With which Cruise had to increase its dominance when flying airplanes. That caused the producer Skydance to upload a video to its networks, showing the actor commanding a very low-altitude fighter jet at full speed. Such is how the producers themselves and their director were astonished by the actor’s manoeuvre, and happy with the effect achieved. 
Top Gun: Maverick, has an estimated release date for December 23 and nearly 30 years later will tell the story of Lieutenant Mitchell, who is still active, and refuses to rank up, which would mean stopping flying, and continues to train the pilots with whom they will embark on a mission no other Top Gun is encouraged to go. Directed by Joseph Kosinski, famous for Oblivion (2013)Watch the trailer here

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