translated from Spanish: Arturo Hernández, together with entrepreneurs, attends health needs in Michoacán

Morelia, Michoacán.- After ensuring that the economic growth conditions of Michoacán have been achieved thanks to the participation and work of committed entrepreneurs and citizens, the local deputy of Acción Nacional, Arturo Hernández Vázquez, held a meeting with federal officials of the Mexican Institute of Social Security to present the project for the construction of a Family Medicine Unit in Tangancícuaro , in land managed during its municipal administration and where 50 million pesos will be invested.
After holding the meeting where he asked them not to abandon the project, given the benefit of more than seven thousand day laborers, the Michoacan legislator acknowledged that only by the hand, citizens and authorities, would succeed, since, with the health contingency by COVID-19, the laggards were exposed in the health services and basic needs that have carried 50 years of bad state governments.

«It is a crucial moment in our state, it is with the participation of private initiative that we have seen a growth in Michoacán, it is not thanks to the government, it is because the Michoacanos, despite the condition of insecurity, are able to invest and transcend for the benefit of families and Michoacanos,» he said.

Arturo Hernández detailed that the management of the land was carried out during his administration as mayor, where, historically, more than 280 million pesos were earmarked for the construction of social benefit works in the municipality, thus enassing that his responsibility was not concluded when he left office.

«I am satisfied by the duty fulfilled, but the responsibility of an official, governance not only ends on the day that the period of administration ends, but progress must be made. Now as a legislator I am still struggling to complete the projects that were initiated, I continue to work so that, together with the citizens, we can improve the health conditions of the Michoacans,» he said.

In the coming days, the response of the federal authority is expected, to begin the construction of the Clinic of the Mexican Institute of Social Security, on the ground with a value of 12 million pesos, where the authority will be in charge of the equipment and human resources.

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