translated from Spanish: Minsal on loaning equipment to private clinics: “The truth is that fans are leased”

In the context of the investigation initiated by the Comptroller General of the Republic to investigate control measures in the loans of ventilation equipment to private clinics by the public system, the Minister of Health, Enrique Paris, referred to this fact. Paris stated that “the truth is that the fans are leased, they are not freely delivered to the private health system, that is, they are owned by the Ministry of Health, they are owned by the public health system, and that lease has to be paid by the institution that uses that mechanical fan.” I am committed to finding out that difference that you have made clear between different clinics, according to you have received more and others less (fans), I welcome that question and that complaint and I hope to answer tomorrow,” the Minsal holder replied to the press consultation, adding that “I think it deserves clarification, I absolutely agree.” Finally, the government secretary said that “the fans are leased to the clinics, it is a team that is being used to treat patients and that use obviously also has a cost and a payment even that is fixed by Fonasa, clinics can only charge the Fonosa tariff at this time of pandemic.”

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