translated from Spanish: Monckeberg assured that number of emergency family income beneficiaries is an «estimate»

The Minister of Social Development and Family, Christian Monckeberg, addressed during this day the number of beneficiaries of the project that seeks to increase the benefit of the Family Emergency Income (IFE) presented by the Government. In this sense, at the beginning of the session of the Committee on Social Development of the Chamber of Deputies, he assured that the number of 2.1 million families benefited is an «estimate». «With ministers we agreed that all households with incomes under $400,000 and eligible can receive the benefit,» he said. «Obviously one can make certain estimates, which may be this number of beneficiaries or this other number, but immediately I take care of this point,» he said, as Amol assigned. And at this very point, he added that «we hope it is that it will be as many people as possible that they can access (the IFE), as long as they meet the requirements.» He also called on parliamentarians «to approve this project which in our view gives an account of an important effort. (…) Maybe it’s not enough to meet all the needs of families, but it’s a major effort about the urgency that many families are asking for.»

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