translated from Spanish: Nicolas Kreplak: “We are talking about 40 or 45 days before our beds are saturated”

With the sustained increase in coronavirus cases in the metropolitan region of the country as a worrying trend in recent weeks, he was the deputy minister of health for the province of Buenos Aires, Nicolás Kreplak. In dialogue with TN, the official departed to refer to the feelings of the meeting with Buenos Aires and national authorities. First, marking the case of runners and the crowding of people in the forests of Palermo. “We don’t talk much about it, it’s not one of the issues that worries us the most. In fact, there is a widespread consensus that it doesn’t go through there. We who do this are pretty clear that it doesn’t go that way. It goes through everything else which means there’s less care,” he said. 

Nicolas Kreplak, Deputy Minister of Health for the province of Bs.As

Similarly, he referred that “the situation is very complicated, there are more and more cases. When cases increase to the shape that the curve is now increasing, it gives us that it will become saturated in relatively few days.” “We share the view we have but also one of the agreements is that we have a joint information with the metropolitan information. We all think we’re talking about 40 or 45 days before our beds are saturated,” he said. In this vein, Kreplak commented: “What we are doing is we all agree with the indicators, with the communication and leave this definition that has to be taken by the President of the Nation, the governor of the province of Buenos Aires and the Head of Government of the City.” “There are more and more busy beds and every patient who enters intensive care has plenty of time to get out. So as more of those come out, it’s a matter of time. The analysis we do is that it’s not so much the time we have,” he reiterated. 
“We all think we’re talking about 40 or 45 days before our beds are saturated”

Ultimately, he stated that “the measures must be taken quickly. We think we need to do it fast. This is to return to stricter quarantine, there are multiple ways to reduce people’s circulation.” “We have to make an effort now because we did all this to prevent the health system from collapsing. Despite everything we did, one more effort needs to be made,” Kreplak said.
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