translated from Spanish: Opponents are upset about not being able to handle federal resources: MORENA deputies

Morelia, Michoacán.- The group of Coordinators of the Fourth Transformation in Michoacán, composed of meps, federal and state deputies, as well as municipal presidents, representatives of the National Regeneration Movement party, agreed to recognize the commitment of the Government of the Republic to the entity, by making clear the resources that from the Federation have been allocated to the Michoacans.
For MORENA’s popular representatives, the actions of the «4T» demonstrate that the most important objective of the current government is to ensure the well-being of the population. That is why the Constitutional Article 4 was reformed from the House of The Union, in order to make the implementation of social programmes mandatory.
«Today it is clear that only hard data, that the information of how many are truly the beneficiaries and what is the cluster of resources that are being allocated to the priority programmes of the Fourth Transformation, can legitimize actions and be accountable in a transparent manner to citizens. The popular representatives of the 4Q in Michoacán are united and we do so around a project in which, by conviction and decision we will be promoting as a place,» the legislators said.
As a sample of the above, in the city of Morelia alone, the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, has applied until May the amount of 2 billion pesos, in the scheme of social and economic programs, while during the contingency stage that we live by the Panvid-19 pandemic, 6 billion pesos were earmarked , as part of a Federation’s emerging plan.
The 4Q Coordinators in the state, ensured the commitment of all MORENA representatives to each of the municipalities of Michoacán, being directly benefited without resources going through other hands and at risk of being corrupted, a situation they referred to, has annoyed more than one political character.
«The opposition and this front of governors opposing the Government of Transformation is upset, they are angry that they cannot have in their hands the ability to move or manage these resources elsewhere. The municipal governments of the Fourth Transformation have been able to better efficiently implement these resources, and we are confident that the Federal Government will never abandon the Michoacans,» they reiterated.

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