translated from Spanish: PAN proposes to PRD and Movement Alliance in 2021; MC rejects it

THE national leader of the PAN, Marko Cortés, formally proposed on Tuesday the PRD and the Citizen Movement to go in coalition in between 75 and 100 electoral districts (out of the 300 in the country) in the elections to renew the Chamber of Deputies in 2021.
«I have formally raised the PRD and MC in which in some specific districts, we could coalition into the election of the Chamber of Deputies,» Cortés said.
«We need to join forces, enhance ourselves with the best profiles, women and men, and with the best agreements between the parties that we clearly assume opposition,» he added.
The Citizen Movement party, in a statement signed by its leader Clemente Castañeda, responded to the NAP that this is not the time to make political and electoral calculations, but «the time to work together» to save lives and protect the national economy and families.
«We make a respectful call to all political forces, particularly those of opposition, not to fall into the trap of the President, who in the face of the health emergency and the economic crisis that the country is experiencing, has dedicated himself to creating distractors and polarizing the country.
«We know that the president is more closely following the polls than coVID-19’s indicators of contagion and lethality; and that follows with greater detail and concern the electoral scenarios unfavourable for his party, rather than the unfavourable economic projections for the country. As we have said on a number of occasions, the campaign is the campaign, not the government,» Movimiento said.
«Hence his insistence on building distractors to return him to the electoral ring. In April, in the face of a 20% drop in his party’s electoral preferences, Morena, the president again insisted on advancing the revocation of mandate; and just a few days ago he invented the BOA not to talk about what is important: the serious health and economic situation that alights the country,» he added.
«We are aware that the 2021 electoral process, which renews both the Chamber of Deputies and 15 governors, local congresses and town halls throughout the country, will force a series of definitions and the construction of regional agreements between the various political forces. But today, for Citizen Movement, there is no other priority but to address the crisis in the country with unity, intelligence and responsibility.»
In the 2018 elections, in addition to winning the presidency with Andrés Manuel López Obrador, Morena obtained a legislative majority in the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies. In the 2021 elections, the Chamber of Deputies will be renovated and 15 governors will also be renovated.
Angel Avila, the national leader of the PRD, told the newspaper Reforma that there are coincidences with the PAN and with MC, although his party plans to renew its national leadership in late August or early September, so until then it could define a possible alliance.
«It will be this new direction of the DRP that will take the definition on the issue of alliances; we can’t commit from now on,» Avila said.
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