translated from Spanish: Plan AMLO to advance new pension payment for seniors

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said on Tuesday in Tlaxcala that the federal government will seek to deliver in advance to older adults four months of their pension in July, as was already done at the start of the epidemic, to better deal with the effects of the economic and health crisis.
«Now that the pandemic was coming, we decided to advance the pension of older adults four months so that our respectable elders, our dear elders in the houses, to be cared for by family members, as we mexicans know how to care for the elderly,» the federal representative said.
«Coming again next month, we will be trying to make sure it’s also four months to make progress in the delivery of the pension,» he added.
López Obrador insisted that in Mexico many deaths of older adults from coronavirus were avoided, because the habit of sending them to asylums is not so ingrained.
«Here in Tlaxcala, as in all of Mexico, there is a habit of being united in the family; with all due respect, in other countries it is not so, that is why in other countries older adults suffered a lot, because in other countries, I say this with all due respect, they have older adults in asylums and in our country we do not have that habit, we have our older adults in our homes, and now with the pandemic in those countries where there is nursing home, there died many older adults,» the president said.
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